Paramount Cinema, Penistone

23 Shrewsbury Road, Penistone, Sheffield, S36 6DY

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4/18 Compton

Tuba Mirabilis, English Horn, Trumpet, Tuba, Diapason, Horn Diapason, Tibia Clausa I, Tibia Clausa II, Saxophone, Clarinet, Krummet, Kinura, Solo String, Cello Gamba, Violin Celeste (II Rnks), Flute + Grand Piano

A Number: 400

Current Transmission System: Uniflex

Original Location: Paramount/Odeon Cinema, Birmingham

Original Opening Date: 4th September 1937


1937: On 4th September 1937 the paramount Birmingham opened with Al Bollington at the Console.

c1970s: Gerald Shaw donated the Melotone unit to the Cinema Organ Society for their installation at the Maternity Hospital, Marston Green.

1976: The cinema acquired a new manager, Chris Mott who decided the Compton should be heard again. Steve Tovey became the resident organist.

1988: On 26th May the cinema closed. Steve Tovey was asked to find a new home for the Compton – this turned out to be the Regal, Oswestry. During this the Krummet was removed.

1989: Work began on the reinstallation of the Compton by several organ builders, including Hawkins of Lichfield. On 26th November the Compton was opened by Robert Wolfe.

1993: After only four years, the organ had to be temporarily removed, while the three screen Regal was converted into one dual purpose cinema-cabaret club.

1994: After a success re-installation was carried out the owner of the Regal announced it closure. The organ was sold to Kevin Grunill who removed it in June.

1999: Installation at the Paramount Cinema, Pensitone commenced under the leadership of Kevin Grunill.

2000: The organ opened in the Paramount, Penstone.

Since then many additions have been made to the Compton, including the installation of Uniflex, Grand Piano and a further eight ranks.