Percy Milton

Savoy Cinema

Opened: 20th June 1929 by Percy Milton

Manufacturer: Standaart

Size: 2 Manuals, 7 Ranks

Ranks: Saxophone, Diapason, Tibia, Salicional, Violin Celeste, Flute, Vox Humana


The organ at the Savoy was one of only 6 Standaart organs imported to the UK.

1929: The organ was opened on 20th June by Percy Milton

1933: A considerable amount of money was spent on the organ, including refinements to the pedalboard and a glass surround was added being manufactured locally.

1945: May 1st. A freak whirlwind tore part of the cinemas roof off leaving the organ chamber exposed to the elements. this had a disastrous effect on the blower & motor, as well as the wooden flute where the water had caused the glue to dissolve meaning the pipes were turned to a pile of wood.

1963: The building was converted to Bingo. Ricky hart was given permission to remove the organ in full, although not everything was taken. One thing that was left was the Console as it used to support the new stage.

c1966: American Paul Gladson made a bigger financial offer to the building owners to remove the console and the remaining part of the organ.

1978: Ricky Hart returned to remove the blower from the organ. All that remained was the shutters, original blower motor/starter and the chest framework.

1987: Bingo ceased.

1991-c2002: The Building was converted to a night-club called “Metronome”.

Present: The front part of the building has been converted to flats, while the interior was completely gutted and lies empty.


Percy Milton – Opening

Reginald Cross – May 1931 – August 1932

Reginald Foort – May 1934

G.T Pattman – June 1934

Frank Newman – July 1934

Elaine Blair (USA) – October 1934

Edward O’Henry – May 1941

The organ centre stage with surround
The console in Paul Gladsons flat
Exterior in the early 60’s
Bingo interior
Metronome Interior


Pipework & Percussions

Saxophone: Made of Copper with a capped tops more akin to a French Horn. 8ft Reed.

Diapason: Referred to as Prestant. 8ft octave constructed of wood.

Tibia: Wooden. 8ft Upwards. 10″ wind pressure.

Salicional: 8ft octave constructed of wood which was referred to as Gamba.

Violin Celeste: 4ft upwards.

Flute: Wooden: The only rank to extend down too 16ft.

Vox Humana: Large scale, similar to Wurlitzer in construction. 6″ wind pressure.

42 note Vibraphone installed unenclosed. 37 note Xylophone & Glockenspiel. 20 note Chimes.

Blower built by Meidinger & Co Basal, Switzerland – designed by Addicks of Nijmegen. Motor by Crompton.

Notes: It’s not clear what happened to the Violin Celeste or why only the top part of the Salicional survives, it’s possible these were damaged while in situ. The Saxophone is apparently on a Mechanical Organ.


Chamber photos c1978 showing what remained

Remaining Framework
Shutters still in position
Original motor