United Reformed Church, Ipswich

United Reformed Church, Dryden Road, Castle Hill, Ipswich, IP1 6QF

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3/11 Christie

French Trumpet, Tuba Horn, Open Diapason, Tibia Clausa, Clarinet, Kinura, Viole d’Orchestre, Muted Strings (II Ranks), Flute, Vox Humana

Job Number: 2956

Current Transmission System: Solid State Organ Systems

Original Location: Century/Essoldo Cinema, Clacton-On-Sea

Original Opening Date: 25th July 1936


1936: On the 25th July the Century Cinema, Clacton-On-Sea, Essex opened with Frank Matthew at the console.

1946: The Cinema was re-named Essoldo.

1967: The Christie was purchased by the Ipswich Light Organ Music Society with a view to installing it in Ipswich Town Hall. However that plan fell through and it eventually arrived at Castle Hill United Reformed Church.

1971: On the 21st November the Christie was officially opened at the church by Len Rawle & John Mann.

c1990’s: The Christie had a Compton Clarinet (Replacing the synthetic oboe), a String Celeste and a 16ft Diaphone extension. The Relays were removed and solid-state system installed.

c2009: The Compton Clarinet and String Celeste were removed. The Compton Clarinet was replaced by a genuine Christie Clarinet and the String Celeste were replaced by a pair of Muted Strings (both originally from the Adelphi Cinema, Slough). The Synthetic Saxophone was replaced with a Kinura (actually a modified Compton Vox Humana). Along with the pipework from Slough were the Granada Style ends which are removed from the console at the concerts.


French Trumpet – Century Cinema, Clacton

Tuba Horn – Century Cinema, Clacton

Open Diapason – Century Cinema, Clacton

Tibia Clausa – Century Cinema, Clacton

Clarinet – Adelphi Cinema, Slough

Kinura – modified Compton Vox Humana – Source Unknown

Viole d’Orchestre – Century Cinema, Clacton

Muted Strings II Rank – Adelphi Cinema, Slough

Flute – Century Cinema, Clacton

Vox Humana – Century Cinema, Clacton