Town Hall, Ossett

Town Hall, Market Place, Ossett, WF5 8BE

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3/13 Compton-Christie

Muted Trumpet, Tuba, Open Diapason, Tibia Clausa, Clarinet, Oboe, Viola, Viola Celeste, Stopped Flute, Open Flute, Vox Humana + Upright Piano

A Number: Basis 198 (Console A73)

Current Transmission System: Compton Relays

Original Location: Rialto Cinema, Bebington

Original Opening Date: 27th July 1933


In 1964 the Northern Theatre Organ Trust was formed and key figures Frank Hare & Reg Mander. However, the story began in 1961 when members of the Theatre Organ Club in the north were offered the Compton from the Rialto cinema, Bebbington. The purchase was finalised during July that year. In November 1962 an agreement was made with The Town Hall, Ossett to install an organ. Many additions were made to the Compton prior to opening – including a new console. The Compton opened in the Town Hall on 4th January 1970 with Watson Holmes & Hubert Selby at the console.


Trumpet (Muted) – Savoy Exeter Compton (A374)

Tuba – Rialto Bebington Compton (A198)

Diapason – Lido Bolton Christie (2978)

Tibia I – Rialto Bebington Compton (A198)

Tibia II – Lido Bolton Christie (2978)

Krummet – Regal Handsworth Compton (A21)

Clarinet – Lido Bolton Christie (2978)

Violincello – Rialto Bebington Compton (A198)

Viole – Piccadilly Sparkbrook Compton (A17)

Viole Celeste – Piccadilly Sparkbrook Compton (A17)

Concert Flute – Piccadilly Sparkbrook Compton (A17)

Open Flute Rialto Bebington Compton (A198)

Vox Humana – Rialto Bebington Compton (A198)