Town Hall, Bilston

Town Hall, Church Street, Bilston, WV14 0AP

Regular tea dance every Thursday 1.15pm – 4.15pm with Cameron Lloyd on Compton & Electronic organ


2/5 Compton

Tuba, Tibia, Cello, Flute, Vox

A Number: 360

Current Transmission System: Compton Relays

Original Location: Lyric Cinema, Wellingborough

Initial Opening Date: 14th December 1936


1936: The Lyric Cinema, Wellingborough opened on 14th December 1936 with Neville Turner at the Compton.

1967: The Compton played its final concert in the Lyric and the was removed and installed at Weavers Road School, Wellingborough.

2004: The Cannock Chase Organ Club made enquiries about the Compton after a period of silence.

2007: The enquiries made lead to the purchase of the Compton.

2010: The Compton opened on 19th September at Bilston Town Hall with Cameron Lloyd at the Console. The Muted Trumpet had been badly damaged as was exchanged for a Vox Humana. The Melotone has been disconnected.