Pipes In The Peaks, Thorpe

Dovedale Garage, Thorpe, Ashbourne, DE6 2AT

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3/18 Compton

English Horn, Muted Trumpet, Brass Trumpet, Tuba, Open Diapason, Tibia Clausa, Tibia, Krumet, Saxophone, Kinura, Clarinet, Cello, Cello Celeste, Viole, Viole Celeste, Quinadena, Flute, Vox Humana + Upright Piano

A Number: 432

Current Transmission System: Solid State

Original Location: Regal/ABC Cinema, Derby

Initial Opening Date: 27th June 1938


1938: On 27th June the Regal Cinema, Derby opened with Wilfred Southworth at the Compton Organ.

1965: The Compton was bought for £300 by Mr H Jackson of Castle Donnington. Here it joined a collection of other instruments.

1990: The Compton was bought by Dave Thorp who restored it and installed it in Dovedale Garage, Thorpe.

1999: On 3rd October Stephen Foulkes opened the Compton organ which had now gained an extra two ranks.

Since then the Compton has grown to eighteen ranks and has a multitude of percussions attached.

Original Specification 3/6 Compton

Muted Trumpet, Tuba Horn, Open Diapason, Metal Tibia , Viole, Concert Flute + Melotone