Organ Museum, St. Albans – 3c/6 Rutt

320 Camp Road, St Albans, AL1 5PE


3c/6 Rutt

Tuba Horn, Diapason, Tibia, Viol, Concert Flute, Vox Humana + Digital Piano

Current Transmission System: Sonic Services

Original Location: Regal Cinema, Highams Park, London

Original Opening Date: 28th August 1933


1935: On 23rd September the Regal Cinema, Higham’s Park, re-opened after modernisation of the theatre. This included the first outing of the Spurden-Rutt organ played by Stanley Lambert.

1963: The Regal closed on the 11th September.

1964: Bingo took over, un-successfully, so films returned to the Regal. The Rutt was boxed in and became unusable.

1971: The Regal once again closed.

1984: The theatre was divided – the circle used for Bingo and stalls became a Snooker Club. It was at this point the Rutt was sold to Charles Hart in January 1984. Later that year an agreement was drawn up for the organ to be installed at the St. Albans Organ Theatre.

1984-1987: The Rutt was restored and installed. At this time a Tuba Horn was sourced from another Rutt Organ and added.

1987: On 24th May American organist Dennis James played the inaugural concert.