Opera House, Blackpool

97 Church Street, Blackpool, FY1 1HU

Currently no events planned at this venue


3/13 Wurlitzer

Tuba Mirabilis, English Horn, Harmonic Tuba, Diaphonic Diapason, Tibia Clausa, Tibia Plena, Orchestral Oboe, Saxophone, Krumet, Gamba, Solo String (Gamba Celeste), Flute, Vox Humana

Opus Number: 2229

Model: Style Sp 3m

Current Transmission System: Wurlitzer Relays Relays

Original Location: In Situ

Original Opening Date: 24th April 1939


1938: The decision was taken to install a Wurlitzer in the Opera House In Blackpool. Horace Finch was consulted who drew up the specification.

1939: On the 14th June the Wurlitzer was opened with Horace Finch and Reginald Dixon demonstrating.

1947-1956: At some time between these dates the Wurlitzer’s Grand Piano disappeared.

1956: Following the fire at the Tower Ballroom, The Towers Rodgers Tuba Mirabilis and Solo string were swapped for equivalent ranks from the Opera House. The Tuba Mirabilis was a straight swap where as the Rodgers Solo String was swapped with the Operas House’s Gamba Celeste rank.

1989: A production of ‘Cats’ meant the Main Chamber had to be emptied and used as dressing rooms. The contents were promptly returned.

1993: Some work was carried out be Keith Ledson – primarily to get the organ playing for the Blackpool Gang Show.

2000: The Penistone Cinema Organ Trust did some more work on the Wurlitzer.

2007: The Cannock Chase Organ Club headed by Steve Tovey were drafted in to maintain and present the Wurlitzer in frequent concerts.

Chamber Layout

SOLO CHAMBER – Left of Stage

Tuba Mirabilis

English Horn

Tibia Clausa

Orchestral Oboe


Vox Humana

Glockenspiel, Sleigh Bells, Chimes


MAIN CHAMBER – Right of Stage

Harmonic Tuba

Diaphonic Diapason

Tibia Plena



Solo String (Gamba Celeste)