Odeon Cinema, Weston-Super-Mare

Odeon Cinema, The Centre, Weston-super-Mare, BS23 1UR

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3c/6 Compton

Tuba, Tibia, Oboe, Cello, Flute, Vox Humana + Solo Cello

A Number: 298

Current Transmission System: Compton Relays

Original Location: In Situ

Initial Opening Date: 25th May 1935


1935: On the 25th May the Odeon opened with Alfred Richards at the Compton (Because of his appointment Alfred composed ‘Around the Corner At The Odeon’)

1973: In December the Odeon was tripled to a usual configuration of keeping the main circle area as the main screen and dividing the rear stalls into two smaller screens. This mean the area the Compton spoke into was not used as part of the cinema.

1973-1980: Bert Bartram organised for the restoration of the organ. Ron Curtis carried this out. Sadly this didn’t include the illuminated surround, which was in poor condition.

1980: On July the 6th the Compton was re-opened with Ron Curtis playing.

1985: The lift became unreliable and the blower motor packed up.

1985-1986: The manager, Ken Daniels, was keen to get the Compton going again. With the help of a technical team, the organ was able to play again.

1988-1989: Frank Pridham of the Bristol Keyboard club carried out work on the Compton with money raised by the club.

1989: On the 14th May George Blackmore & Jean Martyn re-opened the organ in concert with over 700 in attendance.

1991: The Odeon was granted permission to add another screen in what was the stalls area. This meant the room into which the organ speaks was approximately 1/3 smaller. A new firewall was also built which help direct the sound of the Compton into the stalls. Six electronic pedals stops were also added at this point.

2000: The Bristol Keyboard club, reluctantly stood down promoting the organ.

2003: The West Of England The Organ Society (WETOS) was formed to look after the organ.

2017: WETOS was forced to close down due. The Theatre Organ Club now holds concerts featuring the Compton.

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Solo Cello