Memorial Hall, Old Windsor

Memorial Hall, Straight Road, Old Windsor, Windsor, SL4 2RN

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3/10 Compton

Muted Trumpet, Tuba, Open Diapason, Tibia Clausa, Clarinet, Oboe, Viola, Viola Celeste, Stopped Flute, Open Flute, Vox Humana + Upright Piano

A Number: 337

Current Transmission System: Compton Relays

Original Location: The Regal Cinema, Old Kent Road

Original Opening Date: 18th January 1937


1937: On 18th January the Regal, Old Kent Road was opened with Charles Smart at the Compton.

1963: The Theatre was re-named ABC.

1965: The Compton was sold to a private buyer who installed it in the Memorial Hall, Old Windsor. The organ underwent several changes: Firstly five ranks were added, these were a Viola Celeste, Vox Humana, Stopped Flute, Clarinet and Oboe. On top of that a Vibaphone and Upright Piano were also added. The Melotone was deemed in-operable so it was donated to the Musical Museum, Brentford as spares. The Illuminated surround wouldn’t fit in the memorial hall. (This is now at Singing Hills Golf Course)

1969: In January the Compton officially opened with Jackie Brown and Vic Hammet at the console.


Muted Trumpet – Regal, Old Kent Road (A337)

Tuba – Regal, Old Kent Road (A337)

Open Diapason – Regal, Old Kent Road (A337)

Tibia Clausa – Regal, Old Kent Road (A337)

Clarinet – Ritz Southgate, Bowes Road (A220)

Oboe – Ritz Southgate, Bowes Road (A220)

Viola – Regal, Old Kent Road (A337)

Viola Celeste – Gaumont Cinema, Chadwell Heath (A234)

Stopped Flute – Ritz Southgate, Bowes Road (A220)

Open Flute – Regal, Old Kent Road (A337)

Vox Humana – Gaumont Cinema, Chadwell Heath (A234)

Upright Piano – Astoria Cinema, Finsbury Park(A51)

Vibraphone – Gaumont Cinema, Chadwell Heath (A234)

Glockenspiel/Xylophone – Regal, Old Kent Road (A337)

Traps – Regal, Old Kent Road (A337)