Folly Farm Zoo, Begelly

Folly Farm Zoo, Begelly, Kilgetty, SA68 0XA

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4/14 Wurlitzer

English Horn, Harmonic Tuba, Diapason, Tibia I, Tibia II, Clarinet, Kinura, Orchestral Oboe, Saxophone, Gamba, Viol d’Orchestre, Viol Celeste, Flute, Vox Humana + Piano

Opus Number: 2189

Model: Style 4m Special

Current Transmission System: Uniflex

Original Location: Gaumont Cinema, Manchester

Original Opening Date: 21st October 1935


1935: The Gaumont Manchester was conceived, designed and built by the Granada Theatres circuit, but just prior to opening it was sold to the Gaumont chain and opened on 21st October with Stanley Tudor at the Wurlitzer

1958: Stanley Tudors long residency came to an end.

1968: The Lancastrian Theatre Organ Trust (LTOT) was formed and the Wurlitzer was maintained and presented in regualr concerts.

1974: The cinema closed and the final concert took place on 27th January. The LTOT made a successful bid to buy the Wurlitzer following the closure. The cinema laid dormant following the closure with no plans for development. In October the LTOT arranged with the Rank Leisure Organisation to have access to the building to make two final recordings on the Wurlizter.

1976: The Wurlitzer was removed and placed into storage.

1988: On the 6th March a fire sadly destroyed some parts of the Wurlitzer including the console, Piano and Relays. The same year the LTOT contacted the Granada Studio Tours complex who agreed the house the Wurlitzer.

1988-1992: Restoration and installation continued. A Replica console was constructed and the use of a Devtronix relay was used.

1992: On the 13th and 14th November the Wurlitzer was opened in with toe events featuring Len Rawle & Tony Fenelon.

1999: The Tours complex closed and the organ was placed into storage.

2009: After many years in storage the LTOT decided to sell the organ. The buyer was Paul Kirner who installed in with Ben Snowden at Folly Farm. The organ was opened by John Mann on 2nd May.

Chamber Layout

MAIN CHAMBER – Left of Stage

Harmonic Tuba


Tibia II


Viol d’Orchestre

Viol Celeste



SOLO CHAMBER – Right of Stage

English Horn

Tibia I

Orchestral Oboe




Vox Humana

Xylophone, Glockenspiel, Sleigh Bells, Chimes



Grand Piano