Eden Grove Methodist Church, Bristol

9 Eden Grove, Bristol, BS7 0PQ

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2/9 Compton

Tuba, Diapason, Tibia, Krummet, Clarinet, Violin, Strings, Flute, Vox Humana

A Number: 105

Current Transmission System: Solid State

Original Location: Rialto Cinema, Leytonstone

Initial Opening Date: 6th January 1927


1927:  The Rialto Leytonstone opened on 6th January 1927 with Bruce ‘Wendell’ James at the Compton.

1931: Improvements were made to the Compton during a re-build in 1931 with the provision of a new two-manual console, on a lift. A third coupler manual was added later.

1973: Father Gerard Kerr, advised by Dennis Hunt bough the Compton and removed it to St Mary’s Church, Hornchurch. The Compton was installed by Dennis Hunt with assistance of ATOS London Chapter Chairman, George Harrison and others.

1976: The Compton was opened by Andrew Fenner on 1st August.

1999: Father Kerr passed away and the Compton became available. Byron Jones heard of the possible breakup and shipment to Australia and bought it.

2001: Byron approached Eden Grove Methodist Church to install the Compton the church Hall. Terry Ahearn drew up plans for the building of chambers on the existing hall stage

2003: In May the Compton opened in the Church Hall.