East Sussex National, Horsted

East Sussex National, Little Horsted, Uckfield, East Sussex, TN22 5ES

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Regular dances are held featuring the Wurlitzer – see venue website for more details


4/32 Wurlitzer

Tuba Mirabilis, English Horn, Brass Trumpet, Tuba Horn, French Horn, Diaphonic Diapason, Open Diapason, Horn Diapason, Tibia, Clausa I, Tibia Clausa II, Saxophone, Musette, Orchestral Oboe, Kinura, Krumet, Clarinet, Viol, Viol Celeste, Gamba, Gamba Celeste, Viol d’Orchestre, Viol d’Orchestre Celeste, Salicional, Salicional Celeste, Oboe Horn. Lieblich Flute, Quintadena, Quintadena Celeste, Concert Flute, Concert Flute Celeste, Vox Humana I, Vox Humana II

Current Transmission System: Uniflex

Original Location: In Situ

Original Opening Date: 1st November 2009


Post 2009: David Houlgate & Bob Hercock carried out the major task of installing the 32 ranks. Some initial tonal finishing was carried out by Len Rawle in conjunction with organ builder Keith Bance.

2009: On 1st November the Wurlitzer was first heard by the public in a preview concert given by Michael Wooldridge & Len Rawle.

2010: Ed & Patti Zollman came over from the USA to carry out some tonal work on the Wurlitzer.

2011: March saw Ed & Patti Zollman back again for a further 3 weeks.

2012: On 21st April the Wurlitzer was officially opened in a concert featuring Michael Wooldridge & Richard Hills

2012 – 2013: The Original transmission system used never worked satisfactorily. In the autumn of 2012 Kevin Grunill installed Uniflex.

Genealogy & Chamber Layout – By David Houlgate


Tuba Horn – Wurlitzer

Diaphonic Diapason – Morton (Wurlitzer Bass)

Open Diapason – Wurlitzer

Tibia – Wurlitzer

Krumet – Wurlitzer

Clarinet – Wurlitzer

Viol d’Orchestre – Wurlitzer

Viol d’Orchestre Celeste – Wurlitzer

Salicional – Wurlitzer

Salicional Celeste – Wurlitzer

Lieblich Flute – Hope Jones

Concert Flute  – Wurlitzer

Concert Flute Celeste – Wurlitzer

Vox Humana – Wurlitzer

Marimba/Harp, Chrysoglott, Sleigh Bells


Tuba Mirabilis – Wurlitzer Copy (16’ Bombarde original Wurlitzer)

English Horn – Unknown (16’ Extension by Booth)

Brass Trumpet – Wurlitzer

French Horn – Kimball

Violin (Horn) Diapason – Kimball

Tibia – Morton

Saxophone – Wurlitzer

Musette – Wurlitzer copy by Trivo

Orchestral Oboe – Wurlitzer

Kinura – Wurlitzer

Gamba – Unknown

Gamba Celeste – Unknown

Viole  – Wurlitzer

Viole Celeste – Wurlitzer

Oboe Horn – Wurlitzer

Quintadena – Wurlitzer

Quintadena Celeste – Wurlitzer

Vox Humana – Wurlitzer

Xylophone, Glockenspiel, Vibraphone, Chimes

Traps & Effects


Upright Piano

Console – Organ Stop Pizza Parlour in Mesa, Arizona, having been built for them in 1984 by the Ken Crome Organ Company of Los Angeles.