Curzon Cinema, Clevedon

46 Old Church Road, Clevedon, BS21 6NN

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3/10 Christie

Tuba Horn, Violin Diapason, Tibia Clausa, Saxophone (30 notes), Clarinet, Viol D’Orchestre, Celestes (2rks), Concert Flute, Vox Humana + Piano

Number: 2842

Current Transmission System: Solid State

Original Location: Regent, Poole

Initial Opening Date: 4th July1931


1931: The Regent Cinema, Poole opened on 4th July with Jack Taylor at the Christie. Jack also designed the specification of the instrument.

1968: The organ was removed by John Chalmers in 1968 and put into storage until Mr & Mrs Dowland, the licensees of the Antelope Hotel in Poole agreed to have the organ installed in the hotel’s ballroom.

1973: On 18th February the Christie opened with John Egerton and Vic Hammet at the console.

1979: It was decided that the Christie needed to be removed. Peter Denison owner of Sandford Park Holiday Camp and Leslie Hartley Sandford Park’s resident organist decided that the Christie would be a welcome addition to the park.

1985: The Christie was purchased by Sandford park and star organist Brian Sharp was brought in as resident organist.

1985-2004: The Christie was then looked after by Stuart Jameson and was expanded to become 15 ranks in total and was used regularly for many years. The owners of Sandford park changed in the late 1990s and with the change of use of the ballroom the Christie was used less and less.

c2004: Eventually the management decided the Christie had to be removed. Steve Tovey was contacted to see if he could find a venue, and with the help of Ben Snowdon the Curzon Cinema, Clevedon was found. A Compton Electrone organ had been used in the cinema and it was thought a true pipe organ would be ideal.

2010: After a few years in storage installation commenced. It was decided to put the Christie back to its original specification. 

2012: The Grand Opening Concert was on 22nd April with Byron Jones at the console.