An Organ at Home – v1.0


This organ was a more ambitious version of the previous model, no longer an “Organette” but a Wurlitzer style sunburst music desk with “HART” and was completed in 1960. The organ also boasted two full keyboards and 30 note pedal board.

The console was based loosely on the Compton Melotone/Theatrone organs of the 1930’s and indeed during this time Ricky knew the team at the Compton factory who were very helpful in providing information as well as materials such as stop tabs and units.

The sound was generated by 97 valve oscillators with various tone filters and shapers to produce the sounds required.

Oscillators as removed in 2021
Part of the circuit diagram
Oscillators as removed in 2021

On the 23rd March 1963 the organ was moved temporarily to the Lea’s Pavilion and the Hobbies Exhibition where Ricky won “Best Exhibit and Special Award”.

Press photo