An Organ at Home – v0.5


We hark back to 1956 and to the start of Rickys journey into organ building with the “Organette” which he designed and built from scratch himself when he was 31.

The organ took a year to finish, cost just £18 and measured only 4ft square including the stool.

“It is much smaller than i should have liked, but I had to restrict it as it took up too much of my wife’s valuable living space”.

The organ had only 24 voiced stops with 3 tremulants. Some of the voices available were, Saxophone, Violin, Oboe, Mandolin, Flute & Tibia.

Despite the small keyboard the organ has a range of 5 octaves with the aid of a range switch. The console was complete with lights in the bench and in the sides of the console. giving a range of six different colours.

The original bench sign which was found while removing the organ in 2021.